1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington D.C.

My last official day in NYC is spent in Washington DC.  A short little 5 hours drive down the highway to the Nations Capital.  It’s going to be a very long day but I’m sure it’ll be worth it.  The day begins at around 5:30am when the sun is also just starting to wake up for the day.  All the hotel staff are busy out front of their respective employers hosing down the pavements ready for the new day.  By this time it’s around 6:15am as I make my way from 7th Ave and E 51st Street (my hotel, I’m getting the hang of the street directions) to Park Ave and W 42nd Street (aka Grand Central Station).  Well it’s not really GCS, the meeting place is on the street outside just up from the station.  As it turns out this will be the closest that I will come to GCS, no more time left to go in and explore further.  The tour guide hollars out to all the English and Spanish speaking tourists partaking in the day’s activities.  At this point in time I’d like to introduce Erickson (Eric No. 3).

We’re on our way out of the city and heading on down to Washington.  Everything Eric says is in English first followed by Spanish 2nd.  The spanish version always seems to be an additional 15 seconds longer to say – think of how much time in their lives they would be saving if they all spoke english instead!  Anyway, we have 2 drivers as this day is planned to be quite a long one.  We make a stop at a Roadhouse where I find an Aunty Annie’s store.  OMG I’ve never eaten a sweeter, scrum-didly-umptious 6 little mouth bite sized pieces of goodness for a very long time.  Ok I didn’t all 6 at once, but I nailed three over a span of about 30 minutes.  And today is the very first time I’ve had Starbucks since I arrived here in the US.  Tried as long as I could not to succombe to what appears to be the biggest chain in America.   But now I’ve had 2 coffees from them in a space of about 3 hours.  Off again for about another 2.5 hours, with my remaining 3 little pieces of goodness.

It was pouring rain when we left NYC this morning so it was a good day to get out of the city, and it appears that the plan has paid off as when we arrive in Washington, the sun is out, not a cloud in the sky and it’s as hot as hell – you could see that I was in heaven with this weather.  Our first stop is at the Lincoln Memorial with the huge statue of Mr Abraham Lincoln himself.  Luckily he was too big for everyone to climb up onto so the pictures are nice and tourist free!  A lovely lady took my pic with the man himself, then I took the other 150 photos from that location (gotta love the digital age!).  The Korean memorial was also at this site so I wandered down and took a moment out of the heat, underneath the flourishing trees at the pond of the memorial.  There were heaps of wreaths here from all different nations, but I could not find one from Australia – why did we not send one??

We’re back on the bus and off to our next location….. 1600 Pennsylvania Ave….. “Mornos with the President!!!”.  Well it was supposed to be, but his assistance called saying that something else came up, something about national security….. Anyway, what could I do, it’s the president.

Another photo opportunity for me in front of the Whitehouse and we’re off again to our next location – Capitol Hill (at least I think that’s where we went).  Aside from all the other sites and attractions, this one actually is as big as it looks.  Beautifully kept gardens and not a soul in sight, apart from the 2 security guards giving a speaking to, to a family of 5 who were obviously in an area that they shouldn’t have been.  Once again back on the bus on our way to Madame Tusaude’s,  where all the Presidents of the USA have been immortalised in wax… and makeup and lipo, nips, tucks and their finest of garments on for show.  This part of the tour was a little unexpected but given where we are, it’s very fitting to have a visit here.

Next stop is the Museum of ????, not quite sure where we stopped but it was a museum, with lots of Aviation stuff inside.  Not that I saw much of it as I busily confirming airport transfers and the like for my next leg.  And yes I should have done all of this yesterday but there’s just not enough hours in the day when you’re living the life of a tourist.  But I still did spend a lovely time outside under the shade of an old tree with my water a group of Asian students who were head first into their boxed lunches pulling out all sorts of what appeared to be yummy goodies, with the token packet of “crisps”.  What would a boxed lunch be without them!  I did manage to get back into the Museum for a quick look around and a rest room stop before we had to be back on the bus.  As far as attractions goes, this was our last one for the day in Washington DC.  So with everything ticked off the list, the long journey back to NYC begins.  It was at this point that I put pen to paper, my travels around San Fran to upload later onto my blog (well actually into a word document on my laptop – I am a digital girl in a digital world!).

It’s just after 9:00pm when we get back to Time Square and I’m relieved that the bus is going to make a stop here so that I don’t have to walk back from GCS.  After leaving my gratuities with Eric No.3, I hurry back to the hotel to dump my backpack, change into shorts and again enter the madness that is “Broadway” Ave with a new group of my 500 closest friends.  I actually can believe that there are so many people still out and about in this city at this time of night, with no sight of disbursement to their respective abodes for the night anytime soon.  I have 2 more things to tick off my list of things to do here in NYC before I head to Dallas Fort Worth then onto New Orleans, in the morning.  I can’t tell you what they are because that will ruin the surprise for some of my followers.  But I did accomplish both tasks and I love that the shops appear to never close!!!  I’m now back in my hotel room and it’s around 11:00pm when I attempt to tackle packing my suitcases.  Given what I have just purchased, I am very impressed on how it has all fit and I cross my fingers that it all makes it in one piece through the travels ahead of us tomorrow.  Even though this city doesn’t seem to sleep, it is time for me to bust out some zzz’s, for my very last night in NYC.  Oh how I have loved being here and I know that I’ve not even touched on a third of the details of my adventures.


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