My homage to the King!

I’m normally a “Hard Headed Woman” but today as I check into the “Heartbreak Hotel”, I may change into “The Devil in Disguise”.  With my “Blue Suede Shoes” on and my “Good Luck Charm” I wonder if I will come across “A Big Hunk O Love” or will I be “Lonesome Tonight”?

I wonder if there’ll be someone to “Love Me Tender” without giving me the “Moody Blues” or a “Suspicious Mind”.  He’ll hopefully see “The Wonder of You” (aka “Me”).  But if it turns out that we’ve “Lost that Loving Feeling” and it gets to be “Too Much”, I’m sure that I won’t be chanting “There Goes My Everything”, but then again I don’t have a “Wooden Heart”.

I know the dancefloor will be “All Shook Up” by my fabulous moves, but will I find some “Burning Love” because heaven knows “I can’t help falling in Love”.  Maybe I’ll meet a “Houndog” but hopefully NOT from “The Ghetto”, otherwise it’s “Return to Sender” for him.  He’ll say “It’s Now or Never”, to which I’ll reply “Don’t be Cruel”, “Don’t”… and leave me “Crying in the Chapel”.

“One Night” I’ll do it “My Way” and groove to the “Jailhouse Rock”.  “That’s Alright” but I wish “My Lil Sister” was here already here as she’s “Always On My Mind” since this adventure began.  But once she’s here we’ll “Never Walk Alone”.

Thank you, thank you very much…………


One thought on “My homage to the King!

  1. MUM xxx says:

    Fabulous! And made me cry…. xxx

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