US of Amanda Jane….

It’s a chilly Friday night out, but I’m nice and warm in front of the heater, stretched out on my lounge with my little furby at my feet.  But this time in 2 weeks I’ll be around 9 hours into my 14 hour flight from the land of oz to the U.S. of A!

This will be my first trip to the US and my first OS trip by myself (well majority of it anyway).  My plan was to do the big loop starting on the West Coast over to the East Coast, down to the South then back to the West.  Well that’s kinda how it will work, with a little detour around Tennessee before heading back to the West Coast.  Where I will catch up with my favorite lil’ sis (ok she’s my only sister but she’d still be my fave) for another 14 days of reliving our childhood and relaxing on the beaches of Waikiki!!

Although everything is booked, all paid for and only a few little things still be sorted, I’m about ready to head off.  With only one week of work left, then 4 days of packing, final list checking, catching up with the gals, and an almost all day visit to my guardian hair angel….. I should be ready to put on my big girl pants and head off for my big adventure.

So my plan is to put most of the updates and posts on here as well as adding all the evidence of what hopefully will be a fantastic and adventurous 5 weeks and 4 days.  I’ll try and put a map up, tagging all the places that I’ll be visiting.  So if you come and take a look, and there’s a place that you’ve been and want to give me some advice, tips and places/sites that have to be a “must see/do” while I’m there, please let me know!!!!!  I have all the touristy stuff covered and booked but it’s all of the other unique and personal experiences that others have had while in the states, that I’d love to know about and try and get to experience too!!  And I already know about Dollywood and Munchkin Land at the bottom of MGM Grand 🙂  So please share……..

The next post will most likely be when I’ve gone through customs and I’m sitting contently waiting for the boarding call of flight QF15 “Brisbane International to LAX”.  Until then…. comment away with all the things that made your holiday in the US and you think that I should experience as well.

USAmandaJane xox